Python and Linux on Cisco IOS?

Run Python and Linux directly on IOS XE? Yes you can! Take your network automation skills to the next level with scripting and automation directly on Cisco devices. You can be a DevNet Engineer!

Amaze others with your knowledge of the Cisco IOS. You don’t need python for these scripts. Rock that job interview and show senior network engineers what you can do. Keep on learning and change your life. Get that good paying job by showing your skills.


Overview: 0:01

Lab Setup (GNS3 / CSR): 2:00

IOS XE & Container explanation: 3:14

Guestshell Setup: 7:14

Access the Linux Shell: 13:48

Sort out routing: 15:11

SSH to Guestshell remotely: 19:30

Install applications: 22:20

Python scripting: 23:14