How to Install an IDE for Python and How to use VS Code

There are plenty of IDEs and text editors that can be used to write and edit Python files:

List of IDEs supported

List of Text Editors supported

I like to use VS code. Download VS code:

When you open VS Code you will need to add extensions. The extensions I use:

  • Python – Provides support for the Python language in VS code
  • Visual Studio IntelliCode – provides AI-assisted IntelliSense by showing recommended completion items for your code context at the top of the completions list
  • MagicPython – highlights all Python 3 syntax features, including type annotations, f-strings and regular expressions.
  • Error Lens- highlights lines containing diagnostics and appends diagnostic descriptions to the end of the line
  • Code Spell Checker – spell checker is to help catch common spelling errors
  • Code Runner – runs a snippet of code
  • Bracket Pair Colorizer – allows matching brackets to be identified with colours

A good video to watch: